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Kari Estrada

Make Room for Innovation

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You must be innovative to discover growth and success.  This applies to ourselves, families, communities, and business. Innovation allows us to re-create and implement new ideas to reality.  Mindfulness plays an important role with innovation as it allows us to not only be in the present moment, but to also be open to the possibilities of suggestions and opportunities.  The beginner’s mind gives us the ability to think and solve problems with a fresh perspective.

imageRecently, I read an article by Ron Schultz that discusses mindful innovation.  He writes about how the opposite of mindfulness is mind-filledness and that our minds are constantly filled with “stuff” that it makes it difficult for anything new to enter.  Being mindful in all facets of life gives us the ability to see opportunities and to embrace innovations.  Schultz wrote the following cues for mindful innovation:

  • Mindfulness – ability to return focus to the topic at hand without clinging to thoughts
  • Awareness – ability to recognize you have been pulled away from the interaction
  • Listening – ability to hear what is being said with in all segments of the environment
  • Offering – ability to trust what is known and to capture and present what has emerged
  • Furthering – ability to reapply what has emerged to deepen the conversation and afford the next level of emergence
  • Discover – ability to identify novelty as it emerges

Since I have been practicing mindfulness for the past eight months, I have seen increased creativity to problem solving and how to I approach new ideas.  I have improved my listening skills that have lead to successful collaboration in a team setting through our collective wisdom.  In my reflection and research on innovation I found this quote by Steve Jobs:

“Getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.  It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”

Last December, my position was eliminated.  In previous blogs, I have talked about patience and trusting the process of events in my life.  It truly was a blessing.  I was living most of my days mind-filledness rather than minfully.  I had so much overload and it was hard to not be stuck in my own ideas.  This event in my life has allowed me to focus on what is important in my career and how I want to pursue my professional passions.  These last few months have allowed me to deepen my mindfulness practice and has increased my capacity for creativity.

Be innovative each day to allow personal and professional growth.  Please share your thoughts about your creative process.


Author: Kari Estrada

Hi, my name is Kari Estrada. I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska where I earned my BBA in Accounting from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. In 2005 I moved to Reno, Nevada. I married my best friend and am currently a stay-at-home Mom to my two beautiful children. I am pursuing my MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno. My purpose is to educate others about mindfulness and how it can influence our lives. Practicing mindfulness allows me to grow and learn each day. It guides me to be in the present moment, to trust the journey of each day, and to create positive experiences. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences when reading my blog.

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