Mindful Influence ~ Creating conscious moments

Kari Estrada

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Practice, Not Perfect

Practicing mindfulness consistently is the gateway to enjoying the benefits.  Emphasize on the practice rather than trying to perfect it.  Some days will be harder than others to keep your focus and attention.  This is completely okay and will happen even 10 years from now.  Remember to engage with the 7 attitudes and to keep practicing regularly.

Here are some of my personal benefits that I have experienced through my mindful practice over the past six months:

  •  Less Multitasking – Have you ever burned your dinner you were cooking because you were checking e-mail or social media on your phone?  By doing less, we accomplish more.  Focusing our attention in the present moment helps us to complete tasks and projects more effectively and efficiently.  If our attention is on cooking dinner, usually it will not burn.
  • Patience – I have been a stay-at-home Mom for 3 months.  This was a big adjustment for me since I usually worked an average of 60 hours per week.  Being mindful has taught me to be more patient with myself.  Knowing I will not always have the opportunity to be home, I focus on enjoying each day with my kids and to “be in the moment” with them.  I am practicing patience to connect with my kids rather than force developments or situations.
  • Positivity – Practicing mindfulness consistently makes me a much more positive person.  In December, my position was eliminated without any notice.  A year ago, I would have felt depressed and unsuccessful.  I decided to accept the situation, let go by not dwelling in the past and not having future expectations, and to trust my journey.  I am able to identify with my emotions and thoughts and respond positively.
  • Energy – Through mindfulness I am energized and rarely feel tired.  I am healthier and happier.  I have reintroduced my workouts into my daily schedule and have plenty of energy to keep up with my family and school.

These are just a few of the benefits I have gained over the past six months.  My next post will discuss how mindfulness can reduce stress.  I want to encourage you to develop consistency with mindfulness.  Remember, PRACTICE, NOT PERFECT!

Please share how mindfulness has enhanced your life and the benefits you have experienced.




Checking Our Attitudes

It is not easy to always be aware and awake in the present moment…it takes practice.  Mindfulness can benefit our emotions, health, and relationships.  Laying down a foundation is important to notice how our minds work as well as developing self-discipline. 

I have mentioned in earlier posts about the book, Full Catastophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  This served as my introduction to mindfulness and to several meditation techniques.  Below, I will briefly define the seven attitudes that Kabat-Zinn outlines for a mindfulness foundation.

  1. Non-Judging – to be impartial to our own experiences and to take each moment for what it is. 
  2. Patience – be patient with yourself and know that things will develop in their own time; not expecting certain outcomes. 
  3. Beginner’s Mind – observing or noticing as if you are seeing something for the first time. 
  4. Trust – trust in yourself through your emotions and thoughts; listen to yourself.
  5. Non-Striving – let go of trying; have no expectations
  6. Acceptance – seeing things or situations for what they are; accept each moment.
  7. Letting Go – experiencing the now; not worrying about the past or the future


I wrote all of these down on a post-it note and placed one in my notebook, one on my desk, and one on my mirror.  I started to pay attention to my thinking and how I could respond to myself, others, or situations with these attitudes.  Writing or responding to e-mail, having a conversation with my husband, and listening in meetings are a few examples of situations where I started to apply the seven attitudes outside of my meditation.

Each of these attitudes influence and integrate with each other.  If you work on one, it will lead you to the others.  Encouraging and nurturing these seven attitudes along with motivation will lead you to a self-disciplined and committed mindfulness practice.  

Please comment on your beginnings of laying your mindful attitudinal foundation.